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"When You implement WHAT YOU LEARN Within 24 - 48 hours ... Watch Your Business grow!"

Meet Your Leading Experts

Kris O'Connor GBP Expert

Kris O'Connor

Google Business Profile Specialist

Alicia Maples GBP Expert Review Queen

Alicia Meneses Maples

Google Business Profile Review Queen​

Lenny Rowell GMB Marketing solutions

Lenny Rowell

Google Business Profile Specialist

Kris O’Connor is a small service based business expert. The company started with Kris and one technician in 2006 and grew it to 10 people. Earnings for the company during that time went from $0 to $1.6 million in an industry that Google Does Not Like. The Garage Door Business.

It wasn’t easy however, Kris had many people she networked with help her along the way to success. Kris wants to do the same for you!

Let us help you grow your business through Google Business Profile one of the few remaining Free resources to grow your business.  Kris grew the previous company on a shoestring budget and so can you!

"When You implement WHAT YOU LEARN Within 24 - 48 hours ... Watch Your Business grow!"

Alicia Menese Maples is a Sales Breakthrough Consultant and Trainer. She is a DISC certified facilitator, a TEDx Speaker, award winning blogger, and former Fortune 500 HR executive overseeing enterprise training and development teams as well as establishing robust executive mentorship and coaching programs. 

Alicia specializes in neuroscience marketing and sales philosophies with a focus in B2B sales. Alicia’s client list includes enterprise companies including Disney’s Leadership Institute, Rackspace Hosting, Dish Network, SMBs such as Saddleback Leather Company, Twang Beer Salts, Bolingo Bags, and hundreds more internationally.

"Reviews are everything for your business! They build your credibility, send positive signals to Google, attract new customers and increase your revenue. Ask every client to give you a 5-star review!"
Lenny Rowell is a local marketing consultant and Google Business Profile specialist out of the Charlotte, NC area with over 10 years of marketing experience. 
Lenny is also the owner of a small digital marketing agency called GMB Marketing Solutions and co-host to the most popular Google Business Profile show on ClubHouse. 
Over the years, Lenny has successfully managed 100s of business listings and helped tons of business owners increase their leads, sales and online visibility through proven marketing strategies. 
"Google Business Profile is an excellent free tool all business owners of all sizes should be using to increase their online visibility and increase sales"

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GMB Profiles Tips and Tricks Reviews

Ready to grow optimize uplevel utilize Your Google Business Profile?

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